Savi Global

Hands-on business experience with a worldwide reach.  

Founded in 2012, Savi Global specializes in business plans and market research for early phase and established businesses, and provides advising to international start-ups in the U.S. We work with entrepreneurial visionaries who want to move quickly and don’t have the time or specialized skills to implement their visions on their own. For these companies and larger organizations, we also provide customized translation platforms.



To create opportunities for international commerce and exchange through global business growth.



To facilitate global commerce for start-ups and small to medium sized businesses around the world.

To enrich and diversify northern California’s economy by providing access to global trade resources and international business expertise.

To provide meaningful and inspiring experiences in global business and entrepreneurship through local and virtual internships.




BUSINESS.  Business is our specialty. Our team has professional experience in international capacities and across a wide variety of industries. We apply best practices from major global corporations where quality and precision are paramount, while at the same time dedicate ourselves to meet the challenges of the start-ups and small businesses we help to grow.


CLIENT FOCUS.  From start to finish, we cater to your specific needs and carry out our work with an uncompromising commitment to you and your vision. With unparalleled focus and professionalism, we help you meet your business goals with vigor.


RELATIONSHIPS.  We cultivate broad professional networks and close business ties worldwide to enhance your reach. By leveraging our global network, we help you establish profitable and enduring business partnerships.


LANGUAGE & CULTURE.  Our language specialists are native speakers equipped with experience in translation/interpretation and a passion for fostering intercultural communication. We not only speak the language, we also have a deep understanding of the culture in the countries we support. Social etiquette and cues, customs and norms, and business protocol are embedded in each of our client interactions to help you succeed in business.



Nina Gibbs

Managing Director

Nina had been searching for a way to apply her passion for international affairs and foreign languages to the world of business after moving back to northern California, so when a local company asked her to provide interpretation services for contract negotiations with a potential global distributor, she began formulating the idea for Savi Global. Combining her background in business development, a Master’s degree in International Affairs from UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy & Strategy, and a talent for attracting service-minded, results-oriented team members, Nina launched Savi Global in 2012.


Nina has accumulated over 15 years of experience in business development, marketing strategy, and supply chain planning while working for key clients in technology, food and agriculture, and defense, including Sony, Hewlett Packard, Boeing, Jack in the Box, and Driscolls. She has professional experience with Spanish and Italian and has studied Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, German, and French. She has worked in Italy, Spain, and Mexico and has a worldwide network of international business resources.


Leveraging her leadership experience with the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Small Business Development Center program, she applies her extensive knowledge of doing business in the U.S. to guide entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world through the process of planning, starting, and expanding their business visions.