When we grow, our clients benefit.

The larger our global footprint, the better resources, networks, and expertise we can offer our clients. So we’re always looking for people interested in joining our team through internships, traineeships, and project support positions as translators/interpreters, researchers, and project managers.


We are agile.

We pull project teams together based on project scope and the needs of our clients.


We hire co-creators.

We get excited about working across time zones and speaking in foreign languages. We are curious and avid learners with an appetite for solving problems and building solutions. We invite new ideas and are proactive communicators.

Every project is new and every client is unique, so we’re very comfortable in uncharted territory.

We hire people who can co-create with us.

Open Positions

We are looking for interns/trainees who meet one or more of these criteria:

  • have a deep interest in international relations and commerce
  • have a desire to get firsthand experience supporting a global business
  • have an idea for Savi Global and want to develop it
  • live in the far northern California region and want to an opportunity to gain experience in international relations and global business

If any one of these sounds like you, let’s talk.



Internships last for a period of 3-9 months and may be paid or unpaid, depending on your experience. These internships are open now:


Communications Intern

Develop monthly e-newsletter content, assist with social media, and conduct outreach to our clients and partners. This internship is unpaid.


Market Research Intern

Conduct, organize, and present market research for Savi Global services and clients. This internship is paid.


Business Development Intern / Italy Focus

Assist in developing business for a U.S. distributor of luxury Italian products (Savi Global client).  Must have interest in Italy and an understanding of the Italian culture. Prefer candidate to have interest in design and architecture as well. This internship is paid.



Our traineeships focus on a particular country, region, or industry. Traineeship applicants should have at minimum a bachelor’s degree and 3 years work experience in the area of focus.

We are looking for trainees in the following areas:

  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • e-commerce
  • food and beverage
  • outdoor gear


Project Support Positions

We’ve always got our eye out for skilled translators, interpreters, researchers, and country specialists. If you have a unique skill set that aligns with our vision to create opportunities for international commerce and exchange through global business growth, send us an email or connect with us on LinkedIn.