Business Plans for Lenders & Investors

We create business plans and financial projections that attract investors to your business.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for seed money or an early stage business ready to scale, we write compelling and persuasive business plans that position your project as an attractive investment option to investors and lenders.


When you’re using your business plan to court investors for your start-up or expansion project, the first thing they’re going to look at are your financial projections. They want to see the fine detail, because it’s important to them to know that you’ve been diligent and realistic in estimating their potential return. They want to understand all the assumptions you’re making, to know that you’ve addressed and mitigated risk, and to see that you’ve done your research.


We have experience coaching businesses through the process of pitching to their first investor audience, so we know firsthand what investors are looking for. We’ve also coached businesses through the conventional loan application process, so we have a handle on what banks are expecting from you as well.


Here’s how it works

You want to put your best foot forward when asking someone for money. You also want to ooze trust and competence. That means having a business plan that accurately represents you and your project in a compelling way.


We don’t use generic templates to create your business plan because you’re not generic. We create something exclusive and unique that communicates the bright opportunity you’re bringing to the table.


How do we do that? We talk to you. We ask you pertinent questions. And we don’t waste your time by asking things we already know.


Our goal is to keep you focused on finding that seed money for your business. You need to be out there developing relationships and refining your sales pitch. Leave your business plan to us.

  • Savi Global's Business Plan for Investors/Lenders

    • All core Business Plan components
    • 30-40 pages
    • 21 to 30 day turnaround
    • 2 sets of revisions

Just need financial projections?

Creating your financial projections takes a specific skill set, and not everyone has it. Would you ask a speech writer to do your accounting? No way.


We have specific expertise in creating short- and medium-term financial projections based on your projected revenues and expenses.


Learn more about Savi Global’s Financial Projections and other additional products under Supporting Services.

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