Our clients have interesting backgrounds and great personalities, and are breaking into new markets by way of innovative business models and novel ideas. They are visionary entrepreneurs who don’t have the time or specialized skills to execute their ideas on their own. They come to Savi Global to get their business ideas off the ground and into the great, wide world.


Savi Global provided:

  • E-2 Visa Business Plan
  • Start-Up Business Consulting

Ottorino Aristarchi came from Italy to Portland, Oregon, to pursue business opportunities in the U.S. As a posatore, a highly skilled Italian stone craftsman, with over 30 years of experience setting marble in interior spaces for high-profile clients around the world, Ottorino decided to start a business and apply for the E-2 “Investor” Visa. Busy traveling to consult on current projects, Ottorino hired us to write his E-2 Visa Business Plan and connect him with business support resources.


Savi Global provided:

  • Global Trade research
  • Export advising

The Far Northern Center for International Trade Development (CITD) serves 10 counties in northern California and promotes the state’s international trade and competitiveness, assists exporters and importers, and advances economic and job growth. Savi Global provides direct export and business consulting to the small businesses served by the Far Northern CITD.

Savi Global provided:

  • Strategic marketing
  • Business planning
  • Sales & execution strategy
  • Content development
  • Translation

The Vero Stone distributes hand chiseled Italian natural stone products for kitchen, bath, and outdoors. Leveraging its strong partnerships with Italian stone companies, the U.S. company offers custom design and installation services for luxury residential and commercial projects in North America.

Savi Global provided:

  • Interpreters for buyer/dealer negotiations
  • Translation

Based in northern California, Jetavation, Inc., manufactures the Jetovator, a recreational water sports accessory, and other marine recreational products. Jetavation’s international dealer network now extends to more than 35 countries and continues to grow.

Tantardinis Logo copy

Savi Global provided:

  • E-2 Visa Business Plan
  • E-2 Visa Document Translation
  • Business Start-Up Consulting
  • Business Development Strategy
  • E-2 Visa Renewal Business Plan

Diego Tantardini and his family moved from Italy to northern California to attend a ministry school, and quickly fell in love with their community. Seeking a way to stay in the U.S. for the long term, Diego decided to start a business and apply for the E-2 “Investor” Visa. Busy with a family and focused on opening his new business, Tantardini’s European Bakery-Deli, Diego hired us to write his E-2 Visa Business Plan and translate his E-2 Visa supporting documents. Along the way, we also provided start-up advisory services.

ichai logo

Savi Global provided:

  • Business Advising
  • Business Development Strategy

innerCHANGE associates international (iCHai, LLC) works in partnership with non-profit organizations and academic institutions to develop their human resources through understanding, valuing, and leveraging cultural differences. iCHai was started in 1990, but during the last few years, the organization’s founder had spent more time focused on a separate non-profit organization. Wanting to re-energize and rebrand iCHai to meet the challenges of today’s multicultural atmosphere, she came to us for business advising and strategy expertise.


Savi Global provided:

  • Business Translation

AK Financial Co. is an established U.S. real estate services company. When they took their first steps into international business by expanding into Mexico, they ran into trouble communicating with their Spanish-speaking clients. They hired Savi Global to help them translate industry documents into English and communicate with customers.

Savi Global provided:

  • International visa research

The Office of Sai Maa was planning a large event requiring over 100 individuals to travel from India to Japan on a group visa. They were having a hard time getting clear and consistent information from the embassy and consulates in both countries. They hired Savi Global to put together a comprehensive action plan for acquiring group visas for their travelers.