Start-Up Business Plans

We develop business plans for visionary entrepreneurs who are changing the world.

You can start a business without a business plan…we know because we did it. But it took us two years to really develop our core services and articulate our value proposition, which meant it also took us awhile to get our pricing and messaging down. Just think of all the clients we missed out on while we were figuring out just exactly what Savi Global does.


Visionary entrepreneurs have an easy time coming up with great ideas. They have a harder time buckling down and putting it all on paper in an organized fashion (napkin drawings are great to share with other visionaries, but they don’t cut it when it comes to building a management team, negotiating contracts with suppliers, and attracting investors.)


That’s why we’re here. We love, love, love working with visionary entrepreneurs with a fire to move people with their big ideas. And we don’t want you to miss out on even one potential customer, partner, or investor because you aren’t prepared.

Here’s how it works

We don’t send you a 20-page form to fill out, asking you to spend 2 hours typing out all the details on you and your concept. (Some marketing and business planning companies will do that, essentially making you do all the work before they transfer the info into a boring, uninspiring template.)


We talk to you. We ask you pertinent questions. And we don’t waste your time by asking things we already know. It’s kind of like an interview that you don’t have to be nervous about. And that will result in moving your business forward.


Our goal is to keep you focused on the logistics of starting your business while we write your plan.

  • Savi Global's Start-Up Business Plan

    • All core Business Plan components
    • 30-40 pages
    • 30 day turnaround
    • 2 sets of revisions

Need help refining your business concept?

Sometimes you have the general concept and overall direction for your business, but you need a little help refining it. If you find yourself stuck in the business ideation phase (or shall we say, haze?), we can help you with that too. Work with us in a 2-hour coaching session to refine your business concept and answer crucial questions like, are you a product or a service business? what is your value proposition? and what is your business model?  Learn more about our 2-hour coaching session for refining your business concept under Supporting Services.

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