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Savi Global provides translation, interpretation, and localization services to companies doing business internationally.

Our language specialists are best-in-class and committed to serving clients through a completely customized approach to your target market. Savi Global linguists are characterized by a deep understanding of customs and culture, utmost professionalism in business settings, and experience in facilitating growth for your business.


We are your go-to resource for on-demand interpreters and translation.

  • We offer language services to meet your needs, to include:

    • Document translation (E-2 Visa, contracts, government certifications)
    • Translation and Editing of digital and print marketing material (emails, newsletters, website, social media, catalogs, product information)
    • Real-time facilitation of conference calls and negotiations
    • Real-time support of sales presentations
    • Interpretation in person or virtually
    • Product design
    • Refining English translations of digital and print marketing and product material

  • Our primary languages at Savi Global include:

    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
    • Korean
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • French
    • German

    We also support other languages with our extensive network of business translators. If your language is not listed, please contact us.


Grace Degli Esposti

Grace Degli Esposti


Grace has a background in international relations, sales, and communications for Italian-American businesses and completed her studies at the Università per Stranieri di Siena. At Savi Global, Grace provides Italian language services for clients involved in trade and business development opportunities between the U.S. and Italy, and advises foreigners on the U.S. immigration process.

Ayahito Tsukimura

Ayahito Tsukimura


Aya is an international trade specialist from Tokyo, Japan and is based in Seattle, WA. With over 15 years experience in global markets, including Japan, China, and the U.S., Aya’s consulting expertise covers international finance, marketing, project management, logistics, and supply chain. Aya holds an M.B.A. with a focus in quantitative analysis and has experience in the semiconductor and grocery industries, as well as managing full-service agricultural export programs from the U.S. and China to Japan. Aya offers Savi Global clients a unique perspective into Asian cultures and business practices and advises on marketing and sales campaigns targeted to break into markets with traditionally high barriers to entry.

Mauro Pellegrini

Mauro Pellegrini

Latin America

Mauro, a native of São Paolo, is a practical expert on doing business in the U.S. and Brazil. Mauro has owned businesses in both countries in the areas of food service, distribution, and supply chain. His intuitive understanding of Brazil’s economy helps Savi Global clients target their strategies specifically to the dynamic, growing Brazilian marketplace. From market entry tactics and local PR to setting up distribution channels and representing clients at trade expos, Mauro provides actionable advice to help businesses expand in Brazil. In addition to his many business accomplishments, Mauro served as Brazil’s Coach for the country’s Paralympic Swim Team at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.