3 Less Obvious Industries That Use Translation

05 Feb 3 Less Obvious Industries That Use Translation

Guest blog by Morningside Translations


Our world is getting smaller every day. With increased accessibility to information and content in the Internet age, users from every corner of our world are able to get a hold of things that were once completely out of reach. Equally important to this platform of sharing is ensuring your brand provides updated, proper multimedia translation of information to users.

Online Shopping

When you translate your media content, you’re able to make your brand available to international markets. However, making sure you use an established translation service can be the difference between your success and your failure.

Strategies like localizing content and images on your website can help make customers feel more comfortable interacting and browsing. Over 70% of Internet users do not list English as their first language, which means translating your information accurately can help you reach the majority of consumers.

Legal Document Translation

Entrusting your official documents to certified translators guarantees that your important information stays up-to-date with different regulations that may be in place in foreign countries. Legal translation can come in handy in multiple ways, one of which is that if a case is heard in multiple countries, professional translation can promise that the documents will be properly updated.

Medical Trials

International clinical trials are another area in which certified document translation is important. Translated documents must be provided to multiple audiences throughout the process, like patients, administrators, and medical professionals.

These documents must then be back-translated to be used for writing research papers. The aid of a professional translator in this process can decrease the amount of work for you and even help increase your work’s citation rate. A professional translation service can be the reason why your information is viewed in foreign markets over a competitor’s. Additionally, it provides another layer of safety precautions for foreign patients and trial participants as they can now access the trial documentation in their native language.

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