12 Sep 3 Tips That Will Help Any Business Owner When Going Global

Here are 3 tips that will help any business owner when going global:

1. Build Your Team of Experts. 

Just like with your domestic business, you need a team of professionals who you can rely on for their global expertise. The type of business you have will dictate who you need to have on auto-dial. When dealing with foreign currency exchange, make sure your bank has the international tools and experience to support you. If you’re shipping between borders, find a solid logistics company who understands export and import paperwork. If you employ personnel in a foreign country, having in-country legal counsel is paramount.people 2

2. Internationalize Your Website. 

Now, we’re not talking about undergoing a major translation of your website here. All we’re advising is to make your website “friendly” to people who may visit it from other countries. For example, include “U.S.A.” in your address on your Contact page and add “+1” in front of your phone number (that’s the country code for the U.S.). These are quick and easy adjustments that will speak volumes to your potential international consumers.

3. Stay Focused. 

Know your business strategy, stick to it, and take things a step at a time. Be smart about where you spend your resources. Do your market research to know where your customers are and localize your marketing efforts to speak to them directly.

By Nina Gibbs, Managing Director

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