02 May Website Strategies for Your Global User

By Nina Gibbs, Managing Director

Everyone knows that Google is the most popular search engine in the U.S. However, Google doesn’t always top the list in other countries. In China, it’s Baidu. In Japan, Yahoo is the main player. In Russia, Yandex is king. Knowing the top search engines in your international target market is just one component of your overall strategy to successfully market to your website visitors. In addition to translating your website into the local language, there are many more strategies for reaching your global consumer. At the end of the day, your goal is to deliver the best and most relevant information to your website visitors so that they can find what they need quickly–and become your customer, partner, agent, or distributor–and ultimately help you grow your global business.


  •  So what are the other components of a successful website strategy for going global? I recently listened again to a great webinar by export.gov called “Website Strategies to Go Global” that covers many of the other keys to an effective website strategy. I’ve summarized them here:Do analysis on your competitors in the foreign market and study the keywords they use on their websites
  • Design your website so that a visitor can very quickly confirm visually that they’re in the right place
  • Enable the user to find information in a variety of ways, taking into account the various ways people search for information on a website (e.g., some people want to search by part number, others want to browse, and others want to search by a product or service)
  • Provide detailed attributes of your products and services to add to your credibility as a foreign seller
  • Make it clear how you, the seller, will follow up with any inquiries that come to you through the website

If you’re intrigued and want to learn more on your own, here are a couple more FREE webinar resources all about taking your website global. Otherwise, contact us and we’ll get you started.

How to Improve Your Website for Global Customers webinar on May 10, hosted by Women Entrepreneurs GROW Global

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By Nina Gibbs, Managing Director

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